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The Sleep War Chronicles, Chapter 1

In the three years and change since I’ve made the Gentleman Caller’s acquaintance, he has taken more and more to Snore Bombing. This is similar to regular snoring, except it’s unexpectedly accented with supercharged Snoresplosions that would pack enough punch … Continue reading

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Ermahgerd, Gersebermps!

 There was no need to ever actually read a Goosebumps novel. R.L. Stine had an uncanny knack for freaking me out just with his choice of book covers. Thank you, but no. I do not need to know why I should Stay … Continue reading

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Our Castle and Our Keep

The Gentleman Caller and I made offer on a house yesterday. We’ve looked pretty intensely online for about a month and have visited about twenty-five places in person, but we knew this was The One as soon as we walked … Continue reading

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The Sound of One Hand High Fiving

My company is in the middle of its annual three-week long United Way drive, which brings out altruism, benevolence and thinly veiled threats to stop by the bake sale or else.  I suddenly found myself in charge of campaign communications … Continue reading

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What If?

I would like to take a moment to shout out to the blog that is without fail the highlight of my weekly haul. There are people who lay awake at night worrying about legitimately serious issues. Then, there are those … Continue reading

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