The Legend of Zelda

Well hello there, internet!

I bet you thought I’d abandoned you. But there was no reason to fret, for when the hour was darkest and you thought you’d be blogless forever, work got boring and so I have returned.

Since we last parted ways that whole house thing happened and was crazy for a while, and then became less crazy again. In brief, we packed, we moved, we unpacked. We shopped. We cleaned. The Gentleman Caller filled the garage with all sorts of outdoorsy, dangerous looking contraptions that require all sorts of additional outdoorsy, dangerous looking contraptions to make them work. I found a place to set up all my action figures. We drilled and painted and got real cozy with the entire staff of Home Depot. They’re adorable over there.

And then we were settled in! Or were we?

A few weeks ago we had a case of the midweek shpilkes and ended up going to the Animal Humane Society to look at puppies. And when I say look at, I mean we came home with one because of course.  

This is Zelda. She’s only four months old and is already a total smart ass. It’s awesome.

Zelda, Twilight Princess

She zooms around the house after a toy that’s still her favorite even though she already ripped all its legs off, tries to eat frogs, sleeps with her tongue hanging out and is so gassy we may have to change her name from Twilight Princess to Wind Waker.

Zelda, Destroyer of Chew Toys

She bravely defends us from the villainy of rawhide bones.

And laughs at all Jon Stewart’s best jokes with us.

She prefers Colbert

People keep asking us if we named her after “the character in that Great Gatsby movie.” First, there is no such character in The Great Gatsby, movie or otherwise. You refer, perhaps, to the author’s wife, who was made of real live human meats and probably has real live human legacy that doesn’t need to include a dog. Second, do we seem like the kind of people who would name a member of our family after a character in a movie? It is clearly a video game reference, you square.

Right now the three of us are getting to know each other and dealing with that whole pooping on the floor situation (the Gentleman Caller is a total poop rock star, by the way) (dubious compliment). But pretty soon it’s going to be all walks and games and ocarinas and I cannot wait.

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  1. Judy Shapiro says:

    What are ocarinas?!

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