The Great Vonderpiro Caper – Now in Italian! Chapter 14

Al Pal and I finally went on our honeymoon to Italy. What follows are actual notes taken on the trip, in actual note form. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 16th- On the Plane / Final Thoughts and All the Feelings

So, inevitably, here we are on the plane back home. It is the saddest day of all.

Oh except we shelled out for extra leg room seats so that’s pretty cool. (Al Pal originally said, “We should get first class tickets because it’s our honeymoon!” And I laughed and laughed and said, “You are dumb.”)

Pretty soon we’ll be home and mowing the lawn and paying bills and going to work where people will be all, “Welcome back!” and we’ll be all, “Eat a dick.”

Two Coors Lites for Al Pal, because let’s get right back to the business of being Al Pal.

We spent a long time on the plane, since we had it, discussing highlights. They are as follows:

Favorite Attraction: Dinner with random strangers in Florence
Support Your Answer: Random stories about secret Jews and an enormous assortment of overly sweet liqueurs! The perfect evening.

Favorite City: Bellagio
Support Your Answer: Lush, quiet and full of fancy gardens.

Favorite Meal: Stuffed mussels
Location: Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre)

Al Pal:
Favorite Attraction: Wine tour in Tuscany
Support Your Answer: It was fun to hang out with other tourists and not have to pretend to know Italian. [Editor’s Note: Not sure “pretending to know Italian” convinced anyone.]

Favorite City: Venice
Support Your Answer: Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else more unique.

Favorite Meal: Lasagna
Location: Venice

And now, the recognition portion of our evening!

StacyMentor, Friend, Fairy Godmother
Thanks for planning literally our entire trip for us, because we were lazy and didn’t want to (and also terrified probably!) You are amazing and Tim really should stop watching Top Gear.

Mama and Papa Shapiro – Parents/In-laws
Thanks for watching Zelda for two entire weeks! Sorry she rolled in wild turkey pee and smelled like death, that was kind of a bummer.

Dave and Kirsten – Neighbors
Thanks for making sure our house didn’t burn down! We appreciate you.

Everyone else – That’s you!
Thanks for giving us travel suggestions and tips! We probably didn’t follow them.

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