The Great Vonderpiro Caper – Now in Italian! BONUS CHAPTER

Welcome to The Great Vonderpiro Caper – Orphaned Photo Edition!

Yes, our Italian adventures have been fully catalogued for your enjoyment and (dis)approval. Yes, all our exploits have been hashed, rehashed, giggled and gasped over by us, by you, by the media. You think you’ve seen it all.

But some of our sexy photos disappeared in the shuffle and that made us sad. It’s not like we’re going to make an album or show them to anyone else ever again, because that would be ridiculous.

These pictures are the lost, the lonely, the homeless, and they have one last chance to see the light of day. Please give them purpose, with your eyeballs.

Milan Randoms


Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà – So Glowy!


Part of this complete breakfast


Italians know how to read Lord of the Rings!


A moat (for safety) with a crane (for scale)


Not a picture of me spinning on the bull’s testicles for luck. But that did happen.

Cinque Terre Randoms


Bikes, Barrels and Beaches!



Florence Randoms


On the wall of Florence’s oldest synagogue aka some lady’s apartment where we ate dinner


Plaque on the street about Florence’s oldest synagogue. We got an inside look because we’re special.

Venice Randoms


Night time is the right time


Santa Maria della Salute – Covered in 125 statues on the outside and they’re all staring at you.


Chilling in Peggy Guggenheim’s dining room. (Not pictured: Peggy Guggenheim.)

Lake Como Randoms


Emo Ferry, All the Feelings

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