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Toilets for Infants – Al Pal Plumbs the Basement Depths

Hello, friends! I have returned, and have become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. LOLJK I kind of forgot about this blog, but I’m back because I have such an awesome story about a toilet. Advertisements

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You’re The Rocket Man

I’m sitting in the lobby of a fancy hotel in the ‘burbs on break from my department’s semi-annual sales meeting. The sales team flies in from all over the country, while everyone from my office drives six blocks down the … Continue reading

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The Great Email Meltdown of 2013 – Reporting Live!

This morning a high level executive at my company sent an email out to everyone in his division, which totals around 10,000 employees (we are teeny ants in a giant maze of corporate anthills). It was basically a short, informative, feel good message updating and thanking people … Continue reading

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2012: A Haphazard Retrospective

Did These! Took a sexy Caribbean vacation – My skin still resembles the surface of the moon in both color and temperature, but that’s normal. Frolicked provocatively in the ocean – And didn’t even get a yeast infection! Experimented with shiny … Continue reading

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A Week of Fridays

The head of my new department put a memo out to the entire group last Thursday– thanks to our hard work and good cheer this whole week is casual attire. Jeans for everyone, Halleluyah! Recognition from Mount Olympus wasn’t too common at my … Continue reading

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