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The Great Email Meltdown of 2013 – Reporting Live!

This morning a high level executive at my company sent an email out to everyone in his division, which totals around 10,000 employees (we are teeny ants in a giant maze of corporate anthills). It was basically a short, informative, feel good message updating and thanking people … Continue reading

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2012: A Haphazard Retrospective

Did These! Took a sexy Caribbean vacation – My skin still resembles the surface of the moon in both color and temperature, but that’s normal. Frolicked provocatively in the ocean – And didn’t even get a yeast infection! Experimented with shiny … Continue reading

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Ermahgerd, Gersebermps!

 There was no need to ever actually read a Goosebumps novel. R.L. Stine had an uncanny knack for freaking me out just with his choice of book covers. Thank you, but no. I do not need to know why I should Stay … Continue reading

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What If?

I would like to take a moment to shout out to the blog that is without fail the highlight of my weekly haul. There are people who lay awake at night worrying about legitimately serious issues. Then, there are those … Continue reading

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The Rosh Hashanah Factor

This evening marks the beginning of the Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Jews the world over will spend the next two days gathered in synagogue– not celebrating, but praying for a safe and successful year to come. Ten days from now … Continue reading

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My Spoon is Too Big

Last night the Gentleman Caller didn’t get home from his Softball Thing until after midnight. Usually that means my face has already been hanging over the side of the bed drooling into a shoe for about two hours, but thanks to an extremely zealous massage, I was … Continue reading

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Now What?

This is my first blog and I really have no idea what to do next.  Let’s make promises and not keep them!

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