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The Housening

Please excuse the long silence, friends. I was on blogstrike until the day I could post and finally be done with some conclusive house news. That day is this day! Many long months ago, in autumn of the Year of Their Lord: 2012, I wrote … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Lister-ean

Two years ago, the Gentleman Caller and I went on a seven-day Carnival cruise with two friends. We spent months beforehand planning it–what to pack, what to see and do, what to eat, and most importantly, how to sneak some … Continue reading

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2012: A Haphazard Retrospective

Did These! Took a sexy Caribbean vacation – My skin still resembles the surface of the moon in both color and temperature, but that’s normal. Frolicked provocatively in the oceanĀ – And didn’t even get a yeast infection! Experimented with shiny … Continue reading

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